12 ClickShare features worth discovering (part 6) – Set security levels and passwords

iStock_000000227783Medium jpgIn this episode of our series explaining some ‘hidden’ ClickShare features, we take a look at security. Last year, weak passwords contributed to 31% of data attacks (as reported in Trustwave’s 2014 Global Security Report). This relates to wireless systems like ClickShare as well. So how to best overcome this?

You don’t really need to be a computer genius to be a hacker. Good guessing can often be enough. So in order to lower your system’s security risk by about 1/3th, it’s enough to change the password into something more creative than your company name, followed by 123.

FeaturesClickShare6 jpg

ClickShare passwords can be changed on three levels. First of all there’s the WPA2-PSK that is needed to connect from smartphone or tablet to the ClickShare wifi network. An obvious but very often overlooked security measure. Next to that we also recommend to change the administrator password (the login you need to access the ClickShare configuration settings). And last but not least there’s also the optio to add an integrator password, a password only to be known and used by your third party system installer.

Check your user manual to know how to do this. We will not elaborate on that here – we don’t want to give hackers too much information, do we?

Happy sharing!

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