Barco is joining this week’s economic mission to Qatar and UAE

The economy in Qatar and the UAE is booming and Barco is doing great business there. The keys to our success in the Middle East? Our business partners Salam Technology and Intertech! This week is just the perfect time to thank them for their commitment, as a Belgian economic mission, including HRH Princess Astrid, is visiting both countries.

middle east visit 2015

Joining the Economic Mission 
Our CEO Eric Van Zele and Senior VP Piet Candeel stepped on the plane to Qatar last Saturday. In Doha, they met over 400 participants of the Economic Mission, including HRM Princess Astrid and several Belgian ministers. The highlight of their joint agenda was on Monday, as both Barco and a large delegation of the mission visited the Salam Group, a trusted Barco business partner.

‘Technology Partner Innovation’ award
One of the leading holdings in Qatar, Salam is active in a variety of businesses, ranging from the retail of luxury goods over enterprise solutions to AV system integration technology. The company is instrumental in Barco’s success in the Middle East control room business. Eric Van Zele and HRH Princess Astrid were therefore delighted to thank the CEO of the Salam Group for the team’s commitment. One day later, in the UAE, Van Zele handed over an award to Intertech. Set up 15 years ago, Intertech was Barco’s best performing partner in the Middle East in 2014 – a performance that certainly deserves an official acclaim!

Healthcare solutions
In addition to visiting our key business partners in the Middle East, Eric Van Zele and Piet Candeel also wanted to strengthen ties with customers in the healthcare sector. In Doha, the Barco team visited Hamad Medical Center – the principal public healthcare provider for the State of Qatar. Since 2012, Barco has delivered over 250 Dual head 3MP displays systems to the clinic and more projects are in the pipe for 2015.

Earlier today, the Barco delegation paid a visit to two key healthcare players in the UAE – a country which has doubled its healthcare budget since 2007. In addition to the Dubai Health Authority – with which Barco has been doing business for over seven years – our colleagues also visited Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. The latter currently features 13 Coronis 6MP displays and 46 MDRC-2224 clinical displays. Both the Cleveland hospital management and the healthcare facilities governed by the Dubai Health Authority are very interested in our brand-new Coronis Uniti™.

Thanks Salam and Intertech!
We are confident that this week’s visits will further boost Barco’s business in the rapidly growing Middle East region. We would like to thank Salam and Intertech for helping us enhance insight, collaboration, productivity and experiences in these markets!